About Winnow

At Winnow, we have years of expertise on auction based digital marketing platforms and digital content. Consistent interactions with several small businesses across geographies have helped us isolate challenges they face within digital marketing spaces.

Here's what we found. Almost every small business has one major problem: no time to figure out how to best use different digital marketing platforms to promote their business online. So we simplified that.

With Winnow, a small business no longer has to crack complicated ad platforms because we have already done that. We have automated the marketing process and taken away everything that makes it seem like rocket science. That's exactly why Winnow uses Facebook Messenger to interact with businesses and doesn't have a complex dashboard with hard-to-understand graphs.

Most importantly, we integrated this process with AI, which gets smarter the more it is used, and therefore becomes more efficient when used to market across platforms.

We are constantly updating the number of digital platforms we are including for our small businesses to market on. We are automating online marketing for you so you can focus on your actual job: growing your business!