About Winnow

Today, participating in the digital economy is a must for any growing business, and optimizing focus on the various digital platforms is the key to successful marketing. With the constant shifts in customer use and changing attributes of these platforms it becomes increasingly difficult for businesses to keep pace and constantly adapt their strategies. This is where Winnow comes in.

Founded in 2018 in Silicon Valley, California, Winnow Digital Services is a technology company dedicated to Digital Marketing. Its intelligent marketing management system automates Digital Campaign Design and Implementation producing measurable results aimed at business growth.

Winnow Digital Services

The combination of Digital Marketing Expertise with Artificial Intelligence has resulted in an amazing breakthrough for addressing the complexities and costs involved with successful marketing campaigns, enabling affordable Digital Campaign Design and Implementation for any business. More....

Winnow Intelligent Campaigns

The Winnow Intelligent Marketing Management System helps you choose the mix of platforms, schedule your posts, manage their timing across platforms, proposes the right campaigns to boost performance and ultimately focus your marketing efforts on getting conversions with constant monitoring and reporting of results.


Winnow Offers:

  • Immediate Competitive Analysis Reports on your Business
  • Immediate Automated Health Checks for your Business
  • Preparation of Social Media Posts
  • Automated and Client-approved Postings on Social Media
  • Business Preparation for Ad Readiness
  • Recommendations on Specific Ad Types
  • Recommendations on Competitive Ad Spend across Relevant Platforms
  • Preparation of Paid Ad Content
  • Running approved Ads on each Platform
  • Regular Reporting of Results with Analytics